"Everything can be made of composite"
Composites ushering in a new age 
When the goal is to make a structure, whose properties must be durable and strong, but also lightweight, the solution is composites. A composite contains several materials, which are combined to form a single, functional structure. 
The materials can be metal, wood, stone, carbon-, aramid- and glass fibre, or various resins. In addition to its light weight, the advantage of a composite structure lies in its superior formability, compared to conventional materials. It can be moulded to perform even the most impossible seeming tasks. Due to this formability, composites can be used in an endless array of applications - the only limit is your imagination. Composite structures are ushering in a new age in design. 
We will grant your wishes
If you have a problem, we have the answer. We design, engineer, manufacture, assemble and maintain our products on a customer-specific basis. We start with the customer's needs and wishes, and then realise them with the highest level of professional skill. The result of co-operation is a successful product.
Carefree ice prevention systems - for your safety!
Slipperiness is history! IceStop panels are safe and easy silution to all surfaces needing ice prevention. 
For further information please visit  www.icestop.fi
We are an insurance company-approved fibre-reinforced plastic repair facility.
We are a member of the Finnish Marine Industries Federation (Finnboat ry).

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Latest news:
- We will deliver deck furniture for 130ft Wally sail boat.
- We will deliver carbon fibre pedestals for 130ft Wally sail boat.
- We have developed new deck seat for ships.
- We have started to build composite hot tubs. Two sizes available.
- We have developed new type of deck light for ship
- We have developed new Life Jacket Container productline.
- We have delivered large composite decks to new  yacht of the president of Finland. The name of the  yacht is Kultaranta VIII. 
- We have started to build Finesse 26 boats for Sven Helström Design AB. More information:www.finesse.nu
- We have opened new 250m2 workshop.  Small part laminations will be moved to new workshop.
- We will deliver 44.000L composite tank to Raisio Staest Oy.
- We have started to repair old 13m long steel yacht.
- We have delivered heating elements to Vaasan Pingviinit ry. Check  www.vaasanpingviinit.com
- We have changed company name to Wenda OY from 1.1.2006
- We have developed heating elements for quays and terraces.
- We have started to repair 35ft One-off sailingboat.
- We have started to build H-Boats for Eagle Marine Oy. More information: www.eaglemarine.fi
- We have developed heating elements for use on the outer decks of ships. The promenade decks on an icebreaker currently under construction at Aker Finnyards' Helsinki shipyard are equipped with these heating elements.
- We have developed a new lightpole for the outer decks of ships. 
- New F-Valve purge valve for moulds. Facilitates the removal of finished castings. 
- We have designed a new open-deck motorboat for ScandiNaval Boats (ScandiNaval 475).